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About us Start-Ups

Start-Ups is the perfect solution for making the process of opening a business - hassle free.

We handle the company formation, accounting, mail management and offer you a registered office, so that you can focus your efforts on generating revenue and creating a brand. Our personalized and affordable solutions will help you save time and financial resources.

Services & Prices Start-Ups

  • Hosting of the registered office
  • Receiving, scanning and redirecting mail
  • Keeping correspondence for a 6-month period
  • Establishment of Ltd., Joint Stock and Sole proprietorship companies
  • Company name reservation
  • Document submission to the PSA and all other public institutions
  • Rubber stamp creation
  • Newly created company
  • Preparation of primary documents
  • Providing accounting payroll for up to 2 employees
  • Providing a 1C server
  • Sales volume up to 100000 MDL

Benefits of starting your company with Start-Ups Start-Ups

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Favorable tax policy
Developed banking system
Accessible location
High quality services
Step by step assistance
Favorable tax policy Developed banking system Accessible location High quality services Step by step assistance

FAQ Start-Ups

What does a virtual address mean?

Virtual address is the business headquarters of the enterprise, which is not at home, but at an office and addresses entrepreneurs who want to work from home or at a distance and want a professional image for their own business.

By what methods do you notifie the correspondence received?

Correspondence will be notified via e-mail, viber, whatsapp, skype or other methods of choice indicated by the client.

What is distance accounting?

Remote accounting is accounting made by an accountant or by accountant firm that does not need to be employed and is in your office, often because you do not have a spade or have insufficient resources to acquire Program 1C or other technical thing.

What is the process of setting up a company?

The process of setting up is simple. You only need a valid ID, establishing the company name, the field of activity and the legal address, deposit documents to the State Registration Chamber and then open a bank account and register the company at the tax office.

I want to become a VAT payer. Are you doing this? What is the process?

Yes. The process is as follows: an application is filed and the required documents are submitted to the State Tax Service.

Who is responsible for registering the company with CNAM and CNAS?

Company registration at CNAS and CNAM is done automatically.

How do I decide which legal organizational form to register?

First you need to know what your business will be. Because by doing so, you will understand whether to open a LLC, a JSC or a LI, or just need a license or authorization.

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